Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another life

Wihartoyo     Wednesday, April 07, 2010    

Since known that Titan (the largest moon of Saturn) has a hydrological cycle that is very similar to earth with a bit of a big difference where the hydrological cycle on Earth involve water, while the Titan include hirokarbon which in this case is methane, then I think a little naughty. Possible that Earth and Titan are two of the same world with a lot of difference?

My naughty mind then wandered away to wishful thinking about life. Could there be life in common with many differences as depicted in the hydrological cycle of Earth and Titan? Especially when it aired that Nasa has ever found life in a place that does not allow the existence of life. The most recent information describing caught on a shrimp that live in extreme environments in the northern hemisphere. Some previously existing information jeis-crustacean species which can survive in extremely hot environments. In a very toxic environment.

This information then led me into a little upset. My naughty little show invited me to rethink the definition of life on other worlds in the cosmos. If there are clouds on Titan could be like on Earth, there could be similar to rain on the earth, can exist on Earth-like lightning. There is a similar wind on earth. All the similarities were only different in that the water is not H20 but C2H2D. Temperatures there also reached -170 C. If it is said that the environment does not support life on Titan, are we not to re-think that the difference of the similarity of titan with the earth's life could also support life? Although it differs with the earth. It could be life there is not need 02 but precisely ethane, or nitrogen instead? Maybe there's life on planet Earth is considered hell. Very hot. Only God knows.