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Check Password Mysql Pada Zimbra

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Suatu saat saya terpaksa harus melakukan dump dan restore database mysql di dalam instalasi zimbra saya.  Permasalahanya adalah, "Apa password root mysql saya?"

Hal yang paling saya ingat adalah bahwa zimbra banyak menyimpan konfigurasi pada local config nya, zmlocalconfig.
Saya coba jalankan 'zmlocalconfig | grep password' yang saya dapat cuma begini.

zimbra@mail:~$ zmlocalconfig | grep password
antispam_mysql_password = *
antispam_mysql_root_password = *
ldap_amavis_password = *
ldap_bes_searcher_password = *
ldap_nginx_password = *
ldap_postfix_password = *
ldap_replication_password = *
ldap_root_password = *
mailboxd_keystore_base_password = *
mailboxd_keystore_password = *
mailboxd_truststore_password = *
mysql_root_password = *
zimbra_ldap_password = *
zimbra_mysql_password = *
zimbra_vami_password = *
Bah semuanya make *, gimana mau lihat passwordnya? Jadi...
zimbra@mail:~$zmlocalconfig --help
usage: zmlocalconfig [options] [args]
where [options] are:
 -c,--config   File in which configuration is stored.
 -d,--default        Show default values for keys listed in [args].
 -e,--edit           Edit configuration file, changing keys and values
                     specified. [args] is in key=value form.
 -f,--force          Allow editing of keys whose change is known to be
                     potentially dangerous.
 -h,--help           Show this usage information.
 -i,--info           Show documentation for keys listed in [args].
 -l,--reload         Send a SOAP request to the server to reload its local
 -m,--format   Show values in one of these formats: plain (default),
                     xml, shell, export, nokey.
 -n,--changed        Show values for only those keys listed in [args] that
                     have been changed from their defaults.
 -p,--path           Show which configuration file will be used.
 -q,--quiet          Suppress logging.
 -r,--random         Used with the edit option, sets specified key to
                     random password string
 -s,--show           Force display of password strings.
 -u,--unset          Remove a configuration key.  If this is a key with
                     compiled in defaults, set its value to the empty
 -x,--expand         Expand values.

Ooke.... jadi harus make '-s'

zimbra@mail:~$ zmlocalconfig -s | grep password
antispam_mysql_password = 
antispam_mysql_root_password = 
ldap_amavis_password = PEN7FhlJU
ldap_bes_searcher_password = zmbes-searcher
ldap_nginx_password = PEN7FhlJU
ldap_postfix_password = PEN7FhlJU
ldap_replication_password = PEN7FhlJU
ldap_root_password = PEN7FhlJU
mailboxd_keystore_base_password = zimbra
mailboxd_keystore_password = purOcHvuKE
mailboxd_truststore_password = changeit
mysql_root_password = o74m98m8XmUhhyTjdsYgb_hr0mdfaIa
zimbra_ldap_password = nganuneanu@2013
zimbra_mysql_password = iwE2VarliGl0XjSpkdaf91HKNb1JkXWlh
zimbra_vami_password = vmware

Nah monggo silakeun dipake....

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